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DDD 3D Design 3D Printing Rapid Prototyping Services



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  Dulaney Drafting And Design offers new 3D printers for sale.  Dulaney Drafting and Design offers four styles of 3D printers for purchase.  Purchasing a 3D printer in our store is easy and we ship fast too.

Flash Forge Finder prints in PLA and PVA and has a single extruder. Does not have a heated build tray.  100 Micron resolution.

Flash Forge Creator Pro is a dual extruder 3D printer with a heated build tray.  The Creator Pro can print a variety of materials including ABS, PLA, PVA, Nylon, and HIPS.  The creator Pro has a steel frame.

Flash forge Dreamer has dual extruders and a heated biuld tray and will print in various materials like the Flash Forge Creator Pro.  The Dreamer has built-in WI-FI. SD card and USB 2.0 connectivity come standard.

Flash Forge Inventor has a built in camera to keep an eye on print jobs.    The Inventor has dual extruders and a heated build tray that will allow you to print in various materials like PLA, ABS, PVA, Nylon, HIPS, and more.

Inventor Print Resolution: 50-400 microns

Buy a 3D printer from Dulaney Drafting And Design today!  We are an authorized dealer of Flash Forge 3D printers.  Printers are available with 6 and 12 month extended warranties for purchase but come with a Manufactures 90 Day Warranty.

  images shown here are of prototypes made by DDD on a 3D printer.  Rapid prototyping can be very beneficial, exciting and practical.  3D printing services have opened up so many new possibilities for many people, companies and entrepreneurs!!!  Rapid prototyping Service is just that...You will get a prototype of your piece in a matter of hours!  No tooling, machinery, fixtures, and no mess!  3D printing technology can quickly get your project past the design and tooling stage and right to the money-making stage!!!  Rapid prototypes from DDD can be made of two separate colors.  3D printing Services can save a lot in tooling by finalizing the design before even having the tool made.  You can hold the rapid prototype in your hand to review unforeseen necessary design changes.  Also - DDD's 3D printing Service is incredibly accurate!  Our Rapid prototypes are within .003" tolerance!  3D models can be printed up to 8.9 X 5.7 X 5.9" big in one piece...Rapid prototypes can easily be pieced together to make larger samples.  3D printing Service is also referred to as Stereolithography or Additive Manufacturing. Try DDD for your next 3D printing project...You will be AMAZED!   

Rapid Prototyping Rapid Manufacturing Custom Part Runs Small Parts / Short Run 3D Printing Product Design CAD Services Reverse Engineering Design Engineering. Do you need parts like YESTERDAY?  Dulaney Drafting And Design Specializes in rapid prototyping...Fast Parts are no problem!  With DDDís 3D printing capabilities, parts can literally be made the SAME DAY!  SAVE MONEY ON TOOLING!  Are you tweaking or creating a new design?  Do you need to show it to clients tomorrow?  Why wait for tools or molds to be made!  Donít Pay EXPEDITE Fees for RUSH SERVICES!  goodbye Long lead times,  Hello Quick Prototypers!   Faster Turnaround Better Quality  More color Options  Now Featuring ABS.   Dulaney Drafting and Design's 3D printing service is perfect for:  inventors manufacturers fabricators sculptors designers.  Need to manufacturer a small run of parts?  Dulaney Drafting And Design's Rapid Prototyping service is for YOU!  Printed prototypes are offered in many  choices of materials and colors!  ...Including Fluorescents and GLOW-in-the-DARK!  Click HERE to see all of DDD's color options For your 3D printed Rapid Prototypes!  Prototypes can be printed in two colors!  Various colors are available with 15 colors in stock!  DDD's 3D printing is also perfect for the hobbyist, modeler, or crafter Custom company logos, Personalized Name desk plaques, unique gifts, Custom Promotional merchandise and more!  Environmentally Friendly Materials.  No messy waste chemicals.

DDD and You......Proudly keeping jobs in the USA!

All Jobs need to be quoted on a per-job basis.  Contact DDD for exact pricing on your project.

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